video translation.

Hi, My name is mapie des vignes.  I am an Eco-friendly textile artist. In 2011, I discovered a technique to create plant prints by an Australian artist, India Flint.  I have been using it ever since. This technique is important to me as it helps me feel grounded. It touches on refocusing, of coming back to oneself, to one’s heart, to the meaning of life, it’s a way of being in touch with Mother Nature. Firstly, I have to connect with nature, ask the plants if they will allow me to use them, in order to get interesting results, and to allow the plant energy to be transmitted to the materials I use. The process is quite simple: use fresh plants, place them on the fabric and then submerge them, with other plants, into a hot bath or steam cauldron. It must be hot and humid so that the tannins from the plants are transferred to the textile or paper.  Depending on the person, the state you are in, the place, the season, etc… all will help create completely different and unique pieces.


What is your work method?

When I use this technique, my key words to remember are “or not” because it is still chemistry and I cannot guarantee a particular output.

We place the plants between or on natural materials such as wool, silk, cotton or linen.

One has to be in a state of reception, openness, to allow this chemical process to proceed and it is important not to have any precise expectations as ones doesn’t have control. When I teach this technique, I run workshops to help the participants reconnect to themselves and to nature. It is an introduction to feel this connection to the Earth, to oneself, to be in a welcoming and open state and not in a state of waiting. That’s why I say “there, it can make an imprint, whether it will have color or not remains to be seen!”

After 3 weeks drying, the piece is unfolded and we then have the joy of discovery.

And what happens to these beautiful works of art afterwards?

I love to show and share my creations. My expositions are an opportunity for me to do this and also allow me to put a particular energy in a place. I can also make unique pieces on demand, small or large items. When an order is placed, my goal is to connect with the person so that they get what they want and need. This is based on quantum physics.

Through your work, what is your goal?

In the past I had a clothing outlet, where I tailor made items that were precisely measured to a client. As I abhor waste, I didn’t want to create just for the sake of it. I prefer to get creative when I know my client will love and enjoy the piece for many years.

We are part of the here and now.  My goal is to connect with the environment and create items from self-sustaining natural materials.

I teach design and textile options in college and my message is always the same: we have to think about the world differently, we have to be aware about sustainability.

Can you tell us about your latest work?

It’s a weaving of elastic wool, a material from the 70’s.  It is hard to find beautiful material like that anymore. I had enough material to make 3 pieces of 4m each and each emerged from the cauldron totally different. This one is called “Clairière”, the other greener one is “Sous bois” and the third one has already been purchased.

How did you come to find Yémaya? 

I was lucky to discover Yémaya after I closed my second shop.   The shared places where one can connect with completely different people, therapists of all kinds and allowing the public to join in the activities, help feed and inspire me.