imprint. technique

I discovered this technique during a workshop given by Fabienne Dorsman-Rey, directly linked to the work of the Australian artist India Flint.
Previously, there had been this exhibition, of the magazine BLOOM n°20-teinture by Lidewij Edelkoort, at the Fondation Écureuil in Toulouse. The work of India Flint was part of it.

The technique consists in putting leaves or plants on a natural fabric (silk, wool, cotton, linen…), plunging it in a plant bath and revealing it after 3 weeks.
The results are unique.

I practice the imprint, as a real dialogue with the plant : I communicate, ask permission, thank … as a “meditation”, being myself in peace, to allow the transfer of energy from the plant to the support.


It’s a “job”, but I’m so close to nature, it’s always very enjoyable !


And I always have a real joy when I unroll the bundles (the rolled fabrics prepared for the bath) and discover these wonders.


I use, in priority, second hand fabrics (except for my Vert Soi workshops), plants already on the ground or recovered from a florist. I also make prints on all kinds of paper (except for my Vert Soi workshops).