mapie des vignes.

mapie des vignes déroulant des bundles  textile eco-artist


For more than 15 years, I have imagined and created clothes and materials as a stylist, model maker and textile designer. In 2011, I discovered the Botanical imprint* on textile, a technique that condenses all my values and my “ecological” questions.

Respectfully, I select the plants, place them still fresh on the textile support I choose, fold it, roll it and string it to immerse it in a plant bath for 1 hour. The waiting begins. I let the process operate for 3 weeks, before unrolling the fabric.
Wool, silk, cotton, paper… so many natural supports, most often of recovery, on which I leave the plant free to put its memory and its time.
I make more and more use of this chance by embroidering, cropping and/or assembling.

The process that I develop, summons the times of nature… its life, its seasons, its rhythms. It implies to be in the reception of the result. It is for me a way of being in the world. This encounter with the elements, this poetry, this surprise are so many experiences at the heart of the Man-Nature relationship that I like to share during workshops.


The VERT SOI workshops I run are an integral part of my practice, and are a way of helping you to reconnect with yourself and with nature.


“my vision of things” and a video about my practice.

video translation there.

empreintes végétales par mapie des vignes : les demoiselles - détail

Les demoiselles – mistletoe and eucalyptus on silk – details